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The Ontario Tire Dealers Association Hall of Fame is open to any OTDA members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of all Ontario Independent Tire Dealers.



To give recognition to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to benefit OTDA members.



  1. Must have been a dealer or supplier member of the OTDA in good standing for period of contribution
  2. Awards may be made to active members or posthumously, or following retirement from the association
  3. There is no limit to the number of awards in any one year


Criteria to be Considered

An individual who has made significant contributions:

  1. to advance and safeguard the business interests of tire dealers and retreaders.
  2. to promote relationships between tire manufacturers, tire dealers and retreaders and the consumer.
  3. to represent tire dealers and retreaders in matters of government legislation.
  4. to enhance the public image of the tire dealer.
  5. any other activities which have been of benefit to tire dealers in general.


OTDA "Hall of Fame" Members (to date)

  • Hank Lottridge - 1989
  • Bob Arthurs - 1989
  • Paul Hyatt - 1990
  • Bill Lottridge - 1990
  • Bob Ross - 1991
  • Ed Harper - 1992
  • "Taffy" Williams - 1992
  • Les Beatty - 2000
  • Doug Young - 2002
  • Dave Fuller - 2007 (biography)
  • Ken MacKenzie - 2007 (biography)
  • Ron Waites - 2007 (biography)
  • Eric Gilbert - 2008 (biography)
  • Husky Sherkin – 2010 (biography)
  • Boog Lottridge – 2010 (biography)
  • Don Frisby – 2012 (biography)
  • Mike Moffatt – 2016 (biography)


Nominations are always open. Call 1-888-207-9059 or mail your nomination with background information, photos, tire industry contributions, achievements, volunteer-civic work etc. to:

Ontario Tire Dealers Association
4 Oakwood Drive 
Port Dover, Ont 
N0A 1N4 

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